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Info for new dance families

So you have registered for a dance class or camp and you're wondering, what's next? Here are some frequently asked questions to help guide you on your dance parent journey at MVDA:

What does my child need to wear to class?

MVDA has a dress code for all dance classes at the studio. Dress code ensures students can focus clearly on dancing safely and teachers can clearly see the lines and shapes the students are making while dancing. Please see the Attire List for each class on the CLASSES page. We are a flexible, friendly studio and are not strict with enforcing the dress code. With that said, please ensure dancers have their proper dance shoes and hair style for class.

Can I watch my child during class?

MVDA has an open door policy for classes (normally in a non-covid year) which means parents of young students are welcome to come upstairs to look in through the door anytime. Parents and family members are not allowed inside the studio during class time. We make an exception to this rule for very young students during their first few weeks of dance if they need the support of a parent to bring them inside and help them get comfortable. We also offer 2-3 parent viewing days throughout the season where parents can observe class progress.

Does my child need to wear a mask during dance class?

Masks need to be worn in the lobby and hallways leading into dance class. Students can remove their masks once inside their physically distancing square in the studio. Teachers may ask students to wear their masks in class if transitioning from squares and physical distancing can't be upheld.

Arriving at the studio for our first class - what do we need to know?

When you pull up to the studio (East entrance of Frank Wills Memorial Hall) you will notice we have lots of parking out front as well as behind the studio. Our front desk staff will let you in a few minutes prior to your class time. Please use hand sanitizer and keep masks on while getting your child ready for class. Friendly front desk staff will ask you the Covid Screening questions and check your child in for class. At this point, please help your child use the washroom before class and let them know they can hang their coats and bags upstairs on a hook. Encourage them to enjoy class and let them know you'll be back to pick them up soon!

My child loved their camp or sessional class, is it possible to join a full year class?

Yes! As long as there is space in the class, we would be happy to help you get registered in a full year program at MVDA.

What are the different program types offered at MVDA?

We offer lots of flexibility when it comes to selecting a dance program for your child. Our camps are the shortest term from 1 to 5 days in length, sessional classes are next at between 4-12 weeks long, and full year recital classes are our long term option at 10 months long from September to June.

What are the benefits of each type of program?

Camps are a fantastic way to try out a class before committing. These can also be a super fun way to pass a school holiday such as Family Week, Spring Break or Summer Holidays. Our Sessional classes run in the Fall, Winter, & Spring and offer great options for families who wish to take dance lessons without the commitment of buying a recital costume and performing in a recital. Many students who play sports or have other activities going on love the flexibility of being able to try a dance class throughout the year. Our Full Year classes are a wonderful option for dancers who love performing and want to commit to growing and learning for the season from September to June. These students LOVE getting to dance onstage at the end of the year in our recitals.

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